Setting the ground for the future of collaboration

DAOstack is developing Blockchain based technological solutions to enable the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).


Open source project

The DAOstack project is a joint open source effort with a goal to advance the technology and adoption of DAOs. The project's mission includes developing the technological platform, promoting DAO research and education, community building and ecosystem development.

Tech platform

The DAOstack platform is a complete technological stack for the creation and operation of DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain. It includes a modular smart contract framework, a caching layer, and a native user interface called “Alchemy”.

Genesis DAO

The Genesis DAO is a decentralized organization initiated by DAOstack and driven by its community, with a mission to advance the DAOstack project and ecosystem, and eventually become the main body powering its growth. It is the first DAO created using the DAOstack platform.

GEN Token

GEN is DAOstack’s collective attention token, It is designed to have a core utility in the scalability of decision making in organizations running on the DAOstack platform, allowing them to scale efficiently without compromising their values. A GEN token sale took place in May 2018.